Governor Ivy Awards One Million Dollars to Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission

The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission is excited to announce that Governor Kay Ivey has awarded ACVCC one million dollars from the Governor’s Office Emergency Fund. This money will go towards conquering the backlog of claims submitted by victims of violent crime. Executive Director Everette Johnson stated, “Governor Ivey has heard the cries for help of victims in our state.” With this emergency award, ACVCC will be able to process and pay crime victims’ claims which were previously unfunded. This generous award will give Alabama crime victims the financial assistance they deserve.

“The suffering experienced by violent crime victims often goes beyond that of an immediate physical injury,” said Governor Kay Ivey. “It continues in the form of psychological and emotional stress. And it continues in the form of financial hardship, with victims having to pay for medical care, loss of work, and sometimes even funeral expenses. As a State, we must do all we can to support Alabama crime victims and their families who are recovering from violent criminal attacks. To this end, I was pleased to recently award $1 million to assist the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission in addressing the current backlog of victims’ assistance claims. This latest effort fits well with other efforts I’ve been proud to lead as Governor, from restructuring the Board of Pardons and Paroles and reforming correctional incentive time to standing with the families of capital-murder victims and building new prisons. Simply put, crime victims deserve our compassion and our support.”

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission has faced an unprecedented decline in funding from mandated court fees and fines over the last ten years with an increase in violent crime claims. “We were very grateful to the Legislature for the 1.4-million-dollar General Fund appropriation. However, we needed more to help cover all the claims waiting to be processed”, says Johnson. “I want victims to know that help is on the way.”

Johnson continued, “Upon my arrival on April 1st, it was my priority to clean up the tremendous backlog of claims and to begin serving our victims more efficiently and compassionately. Due to efforts of Governor Ivey and the Alabama Legislature, we can now see that these priorities are made reality.”

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