Californians fleeing for ‘red states like Alabama,’ Ivey retorts after Gavin Newsom rips governor’s prison plan

By Howard Koplowitz |

Gov. Kay Ivey on Tuesday threw a counter punch at Gavin Newsom after the California governor ripped the governor’s plan to build two “mega prisons” with COVID relief money.

Newsom tweeted a video Monday where he chastised Alabama for using federal COVID relief funds to build the prisons while California used the money on college savings accounts for 3.5 million California children.

“Alabama chose to invest in prisons and punishment. California chose to invest in education and the future. That’s the California way. America, it’s time to make your choice,” Newsom said in the video, alleging “red state governors … talk a big game” on education choice but “when it comes time to walk the walk, they’re absent.”

On Tuesday, Ivey suggested California’s policies are unpopular with residents of that state leaving.

“And yet, Governor, folks are making their choice, leaving California in droves and calling ‘red states’ like Alabama home,” she said. “Down here, we’re focused on public safety. And if we’re talking covid relief, we invested billions in our students. Common sense — that’s the Alabama way.”

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